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How To Market a Book - Review

The first job of an author is, of course, to write great books, but these days, their second job is to market them.** Top 5 Bestseller in Entrepreneurship, Small Business Marketing and #1 in Writing Skill Reference. From NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. Second Edition Sept 2014**Marketing isn't a skill that most authors have naturally, and there is little formal training. But when your book hits the shelves, and the sales don't start rolling in, there's only two things an author can do...
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A book about how to disclose an ebook

How to Market a Book

Hello everybody, today we will talk about the book "How to Market a Book" Joanna Penn. This ebook is a work on how to disclose an ebook.
Joanna wrote a kind of guide, covering very important topics related to self-publishing.
In Part 1 the writer talks about the principles of Marketing. Then, in Part 2 she studies the success requirements as knowing your target audience, pricing strategy and the advantages of free book.
In Part 3 explores the need for you to build your platform on the web. Part 5 talks about long-term marketing. Finally Part 5 deals with the launch of a new book.

My Opinion

If you intend to write and publish ebooks on Amazon, this is definitely a book you need to read.
In addition to beautifully written, Joanna conveys masterfully very personal experience as a writer and entrepreneur.
This is a manual to be read and reread, because the amount of information is enormous. I highly recommend this ebook. I think that she covered the most importa issues about self-publishing and the cares an author entrepreneur must have to succeed.
If you are interested in to know more click here

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